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Sewer Blockages Clearing Service in Victoria

Low Cost Sewer Blockages Clearing Service Victoria

Blockages in sewer pipes are not at all uncommon. The blockages occur from dropping baby wipes, napkins, tissues, cat litter and other stuff down the flush. Instead of getting diluted, these often get stuck and cause blockage in the sewage lines, preventing the smooth flowing of sewer materials to the main pipe. Another crucial blockage causing factor is the growth of plants in the pipes and intrusion of roots into the pipes in search of water. Sewer blockages cleaning is a crucial activity to be undertaken by experts, best done once a year or at least once every two years to prevent leakages and overflow and such other disturbing incidents.

Mills Catoggio Plumbing Services provides professional sewer blockages cleaning for all commercial complexes and residential houses. We have the latest instruments and adequate number of and trained manpower to complete this sort of tasks. Depending on a particular situation, our commercial plumbers Victoria customize the repairing and cleaning work. If the blockage has led to leaks and cracks in the pipes then we can either reline or completely replace it. In relining, a chemical product is used to blend with the inner lines of the pipes. Replacing pipes is more expensive and time taking process so we suggest this if the situation permits us to do so.

For sewer blockages cleaning, our plumbers make use of the process of hydro-jetting that is spraying to water at high pressure and speed to wash away all the accumulated dirt and plant roots and bodies. Blade cutters are also used sometimes by our plumbing contractors in Victoria. Following these two processes, a chemical is also laid on the inner portions of the sewage pipe to prevent future growth as much as possible. Thus, as a professional company, we always try to give as much and as long term a solution as possible so that you get value for your money.

Apart from the sewer blockages cleaning service Victoria, Mills Catoggio Plumbing Services also has roof plumbing, stone water drainage, heating system repairs and installation as well as many other plumbing services on offer. You can also call us for any emergency plumber Victoria requirements. We charge $85 per hour and an additional $65 as service call out. We don’t ask for any advance payments.

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