Unclog Drains Without Chemical

Drains and sewage system are the silent guardians of your home. They swiftly pass on the wastes and keep the house clean. Your drainage system may not have any problem for years but once all the sinks overflow and flushes don’t work, there must be a problem in the sewage system. You have to unclog the drainage system for further use.
For broken sewer pipes, drain pipes and storm water drains, drainage system repair services in Melbourne are to be called.  If have patches of wet earth forming on your front or back lawn a damaged drain pipe might be the cause.  Damaged drainage systems can be unclean and hazardous to your home, if in doubt best call 24 hour emergency plumber Melbourne.

But there are ways to unclog drains without using chemicals. You can do it by yourself and no need for calling professionals. There are parts, joints and traps in the drainage system which you can easily identify. Identifying the portion which needs unclogging is the primary task. You may try running water to follow and see where it gets blocked. Once you have spotted the location you can unclog it. But if the problem seems unidentifiable or unseen to eyes then just assume that you need drainage system repairs.

There may be problems like roots of trees blocking the pipes, or too much sedimentation blocking the flow. Whatever the problem might be professional plumber services inspect thoroughly and then come to a decision. If you have any problem regarding water overflow or have broken sewer pipes you need to call a professional plumber service.

In most of the cases the clogging is found in the ‘trap’, which is located within 6 feet of the sink pipe. This ‘trap’ holds hazardous gases from reaching the vent. This U shaped part is the cause for most of the clogging. So when checking for blockages, make sure it’s not blocked. Also make sure that no leaking pipes are present. Leaking pipes can be deadly. All your water may trickle down through a small hole or just burst off if the crack is too large. In some cases excavation can be more cost effective than structural pipe lining. 24 hour emergency plumber Melbourne will try to solve the problem without excavating the pipe system, but if excavation is necessary they have the tools and equipment to support the operation.

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