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Sewer Blockage Repair in Melbourne

Emergency Sewer Blockage Repairs Melbourne

Sewer Blockages is not at all unheard of and can strike anytime, be it in an old house or be it, in a newly constructed house. A few of the common factors which contributes to the same are:

  • Dropping of tissues, napkins
  • Baby wipes
  • Cat litter etc
  • Down the flush
  • Growth of plants and intrusion of roots inside the pipes.

Thus, the smooth flow of sewer materials to the main pipe is obstructed and this results in blockages. It is advisable to carry out the cleaning activity every year so that the issue doesn’t assume grave proportions. This is in no way a DIY project and entails the expertise of a skilled professional plumber. Your search ends with us, Mills Cattogio Plumbing Services. We are reliable agency and our service extends to all parts of Melbourne.

Need for Sewer Blockage Repair in Melbourne

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Blocked Sewer Melbourne – How We Help?

Our fast and reliable plumbers address each blocked pipe as the situation demands. Customization is the key since each household requires a different degree if cleaning. If the blockage has led to leaks and cracks in the pipes, then we can either reline( i.e cleanse with a chemical product) or replace it.

For situations that aren’t this grave, a simple hydro jet i.e spraying of water at a high pressure and speed, is all that is required. For either of the cases, the inner surfaces of the pipes are laced with a certain chemical to prevent such unwanted accumulation in future as much as possible.

Our Business Location

Melbourne has witnessed a spurt of new houses over the past few years. It is advisable that all new home owners employ our professional plumbing services when it comes to sewage pipe cleaning at least once, every year.


We always aim at providing a long lasting solution and customer satisfaction matters the most to us. Our services are available 24*7. Sewer blockages need immediate attention.

So, do not hesitate to give us a call whenever you face such a situation. Call us today for a reliable plumber in Melbourne – 0393360117 or please submit your enquiry and we will respond.

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