When is a Roof Plumber Required?

Roof plumbing is very vital as it will help protect and maintain the roof over your head. Read this post and learn when exactly you need a roof plumbing expert.


Many of us are not aware of this but repairing your roof is a vital part of proper maintenance and care of your roofs as well as gutters. Roof flashings are positioned in different places around your roof such as downpipes, pipes and chimneys. For any type of roof or guttering issues you need to take help of a roof plumber. Roof plumbing is also known as storm water plumbing and includes any task such as roof covering or flashing, any type of connection to rain water tanks with storm water pipes or any portion of a drainage system that can dispose or collect storm water. It also refers to connection to a drainage disposal point from storm water downpipes.

Thus, all plumbing works that are related to down pipes, gutters and roofs come within the scope of roof plumbing’.  But the roof coverings that are made of timber, non-metallic tiles, or concrete are repaired and installed by the roofers. They do not come within the scope of ‘roof plumbing’.

So when do you require a Roof Plumber?

When your new house is under construction, you may require the services of a roof plumber for different kinds of jobs. Some of the roof plumbing services are as follows:

  • For installing a rain water tank or other rain water collection devices.
  • Installation and designing of a roof drainage system.
  • Construction of stop ends, angled gutters, ductwork joints and roof flashing.
  • Installation, fabrication and measurement of storm water disposal systems, downpipes, and gutters.
  • Termination of storm water drainage system

Should you do the Roof Plumbing Jobs Yourself?

If you are planning to do the roof plumbing jobs all by yourself, it can be incredibly dangerous for you at times. You require skills like very good balance, manual dexterity and enough strength to move or set up scaffolding ladders. If you engage a qualified and licensed roof plumber to do the rooftop jobs for your home, you can get the exact results that you would have expected in the first place. Often you would find that several minor problems related to your roofs may go ignored or unobserved as there can be difficulty in accessing the roof of your house. Quite often, such ignorance may lead to emergencies that need costly repairs. If you are looking for an emergency plumber Melbourne, you can be assured of timely maintenance, preventive maintenance checks and correct installation that will help to keep your house completely water proof.

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