Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

The plumbing system of your house needs regular maintenance to ensure all the plumbing units work properly. As a homeowner, you need to put on a housekeeper’s hat to keep everything under control and keep it running smoothly. To prevent things from getting worse, you need to inspect the plumbing systems on a regular basis to identify the present and potential plumbing problems. You can hire a residential plumbing service for inspecting the plumbing systems of your home, to minimize further problems that require more time and money to be repaired.Before start inspecting the plumbing system, consider the number of plumbing units and pipes that are installed in your house. This would include the utility sinks, drains, units in the laundry area, apart from the showers, toilets and sinks.

Checklists For Residential Plumbing Services

Here is a comprehensive plumbing checklist which will help you identify the areas that need repair or improvements:

  • If the pipes are exposed, you can easily check them for leaks. If they are concealed within the wall or foundation, look for watermarks and puddles of water. These are signs that indicate water leakage and can cause considerable damage to your home. Also check signs of corrosions. Greenish or yellowish stains are signs of corrosion that cause leaks and affect pipe connections. Get them corrected immediately.
  • Check the water pressure. If the water comes out of the tap or faucets with enough force that means things are alright. If this does not happen, the possible cause may be sediment build up or problems with the water connection.
  • Check each drain associated with the tub, shower, sink, etc and see how fast the water gets drained. If the water passes slowly or develops bubbles, it might indicate a clogged drain.
  • Check the different plumbing units in your toilet. Check whether the flush handle is working properly, whether there are signs of leakages, etc. if you see problems, get in touch with professional plumbing maintenance services in Melbourne, since these issues need to be addressed immediately.
  • Check whether the tiles in the shower, around the sink or in the toilet have cracks. This might indicate a leakage that has resulted in the crack.
  • Check each toilet seat, whether it moves or not. A toilet seat that does not cling to the floor tightly may be dangerous to use.   
  • The laundry facilities for leaks and damages. If you find some, get them repaired at once.

For most of the plumbing problems, you’ll need professional help. So before you call a residential plumbing service, make sure you have identified all the problem areas, so that they can be repaired at one go.

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