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Plumbing Services in Melbourne

Over the last couple of years, the city of ample opportunities i.e Melbourne has witnessed a high population growth. Going by the estimates and the statistics since June 2013, the estimated residents living in Greater Melbourne is 4.35 million people, an increase of 95,500 people since the year 2012. Melbourne is deemed to be fastest growing state with a constant increase in population of 3.9%.


What does this Statistics Imply?

The statistics mentioned above clearly states that there has been a rapid increase in the population. This implies that the housing demand has increased too in order to accommodate all these new inhabitants. There has been a 38% increase in Melbourne’s dwelling on the greenfield sites.

Increased Dwellings Implies A Rise in the Demand of Proper Infrastructure

An increase in number of households implies that there has been an increase in the demand of infrastructure too. This infrastructure includes proper plumbing maintenance and services too. It is imperative that construction of new homes require the services of a professional plumber.

We, at Mills Catoggio, understand the requirement and offer expert plumbing services for the people based in Melbourne.

Our Roof Plumbing Services Includes:

  • Maintenance Check
  • Guttering and D/pipe replacement
  • Metal Roof replacement
  • Precise investigation of Roof Leaks
  • Spouting
  • Colorbond Roofing & replacement

We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering effective plumbing solutions and our dedicated team of professional roof plumbers in Melbourne are always available at your service. We ensure a fix for your problem within the least possible amount of time and at an affordable rate too. Please submit your enquiry and we will respond.

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