Frequently Asked Questions On Hydronic Heating Systems

Q: What is hydronic heating?

A: Hydronic heating is a heating system that is popularly used all over the globe. The primary importance of hydronic heating is to use the water pumped surrounding the building to create a silent and consistent heat throughout the given space. The water is pumped via an on site boiler and is heated by gas, off peak electricity , LPG or solid fuels.  After this, the water is distributed via small pipes and into the panel for heating and in the  hydronic floor slab heating.

Q: In a room how fast does hydronic heating affect the room temperature?

A: It is safe to say that hydronic heating affects the room temperature of a particular room and the approximate time it takes is 30 minutes. Hydronic heating is a slower system than the gas or the electric system. But the efficiency and the comfort of hydronic heating makes up for the flaw it has of being a slower system.

Q: Is hydronic heating better than ducted heating?

A: Hydronic heating is much better than ducted heating in more ways than one. Hydronic heating is less expensive, it does not push the dust around, it is a lot more quiet and the best part is, it can be left on for an extended period of time.

Q: How safe is hydronic heating for children?

A: When it comes to warming a room, the safest option is hydronic heating. The hydronic flood slabs along with the panel systems don’t get extremely hot and people from all age group can easily touch them with their bare skin. The boiler is also very safe but technicians recommend that the unit be placed in one corner of the home that is not accessible by the kids.

Q: How suitable is the heating for people with asthma or allergies?

A: Since there is no flow of air in this heater system, there is no scope of any kind of dust particles to pave its way. The heating is always within the floors or in the wall panels and it is always easy to clean or dust these areas. This system is well suited for clean environments and that is the primary reason for its extensive use in hospitals and laboratories.

Q: What happens when the boiler turns off without your knowledge?

A: With time you will gradually feel the drop in the temperature and once you understand that the boiler has turned off, you can always restart it. Restarting the boiler is a very simple process. There are just a handful of mechanical parts and these reduce the risk of any kind of system failure. This design helps in keeping the system active for an extended period of time.

Q: What should you do when you are leaving your home for a long span of time because you don’t wish to spend money on the heater?

A: In case your home is empty for more than three days, then it is always advised to turn off the system. It is also a lot more feasible to turn down the system to the lowest setting so that your home remains comparatively warm when you plan to return after a couple of days. Through this process, you can always save a lot on your electricity bill yet keep the system switched on.  

Q: Does the hydronic heating system make a lot of noise?

A: The hydronic heating system does not make any noise even while the system is functioning in order to keep your room warm. The warm water is pumped from a boiler and is concealed below you home or inside a maintenance cupboard.

Q: How do you lower your electricity bill?

A: There are several techniques to lower the electricity bill of your home. Let us take a look at some of the techniques:

  • It is best to install a sustainable or an inexpensive system that can warm your home like a dusted or hydronic gas heating.
  • Install better insulation on the walls and the roof of your home.
  • Keep the curtains of your home closed.
  • Always try to use door snakes.
  • Slip into a suitable pair of footwear and a jumper.
  • Keep the room temperature between 21 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius during the time of regular activities and keep it 17 degree Celsius when everyone in your home is sleeping.  

These are the simple ways to reduce your home electricity bill considerably.

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