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Five Interesting Facts About Toilets Around The World

Toilets are an integral part of everyone’s life. While it may sound quite odd saying it like that, its an irrevocable fact. There are many people across the world that dies because they have no access to hygienic toilets and sanitation. However, the establishment of toilets is not enough to guarantee the success of any sanitation drives. Even in cities, there are problems of dirty toilets in public spaces. The biggest cities in the world have the worst public sanitation. The plumbing inspections in the countries are not always up to the par. Melbourne has some of the best services in this field.

When scouring about facts with regards the toilets and their quirks, the internet yields some fascinating information.

  • One of the most unbelievable in the toilet business can ever claim is the amount of $100000 USD spent just to determine the direction most people prefer to leave the flap for the toilet paper.
  • Morbid but a very true fact is that King George II of Great Britain dies when he fell off his other throne on 25th of October, 1760.
  • There is a musical tone reported form the way flush tanks work. Apparently they sing in the key E flat
  • There are millions of people who like to read sitting on the throne and with the coming of the digital age, the material has changed mediums have changed too.
  • For all the plumbing contractors Melbourne has, there is a great opportunity to build entire theme parks and museums, just like they have in South Korea.

While these facts are more fun and give some quirky information as well, there is no denying the fact that the plumbing services Melbourne has are some of the best. For every emergency there is a plumber waiting for calls. In addition to that, most of the professional plumbing contractors in Melbourne also offer long term services for their clients. Apart from households, they also offer services to the corporate and small and medium business houses. As the demand for housing grows the need for plumbing and toilets in particular grow.

We have a whole army of experienced and certified plumbing technicians who assist clients in relieving themselves of all problems relating to sanitation and water supply.